Review: The First Years True Fit Rebound C670 Convertible Car Seat

The First Years True Fit C670 Premier Convertible Car SeatThe C670 is the last in the True Fit Convertible Car Seat line and gives all the same features standard in the originals plus a number of new features. The harness is the easy adjustable no rethread version that is standard and can be used with children weighing up to sixty-five pounds. In event of crash rebound is managed by the rebound bar that flips up. Children are surrounded by deep side wings and EPP foam lines the seat.

The seat is equipped with a level indicator in order to allow the proper angles to be achieved during the installation.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the True Fit a government rating of five stars for ease of use and it includes the following features:

  • Rear facing installation can utilize the removable headrest with infants up to thirty-five pounds.
  • Two position settings on the center angle indicator.
  • The crotch strap adjusts at multiple positions. The harness works for children up to sixty-five pounds.
  • Rear facing installation utilizes Rebound Energy Management.


The C670 had a total of sixty-five Amazon reviews giving it an average overall rating of four and a half out of five stars.

The most helpful critical review gave the unit a rating of three out of five stars. The fact that the buckle on the crotch strap could be fastened without having to pull the sides together first was a plus for the reviewer. The fact that the cover had to be taken partially off in order to use the latch system when the seat was inserted rear facing; the reviewer could not find the red locks mentioned in the instructions, only blue locks. The recline feature and harness were not easy to adjust in the rear facing position, the rebound bar was in the way of both features causing the reviewer to have to remove the seat in order to adjustment. The installation and tightening of the seat were difficult for the reviewer.

The most helpful positive review gave the car seat a rating of five out of five stars. The reviewer found the seat easy to install, so easy they did it twice just to make sure. The detail of the instructions that included pictures was a plus for the reviewer. The compact design of C670 was a plus to the reviewer as well as the fact that the cover was rather plush making it soft. The latch was already threaded for use in rear facing installation making the process simpler. The only problem that the reviewer has was that they did not feel the plastic chest clip was strong enough.

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Overall reviewers were pleased with the seat’s design, ease of use, features and size with even negative reviewers having something positive to say about the unit. The negative points were minor when found and as a result we can recommend the First Years True Fit C670 Premier Convertible Car Seat to consumers that need something compact, secure and plush for their children whether they rear facing or forward facing.

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